Ready File Versus Ready-made Loan

Being in a situation of banking prohibition is not obvious. It is really difficult to get a favorable solution for granting credit in conventional banking institutions. However, there are solutions to obtain financing. Being ‘banking prohibited’ implies being filed with the National Bank in Belgium.

When you see a credit application, the lender is obliged to consult this feature database, if you are registered, you will be appreciated as a risky client. Even if legally speaking, being banned is not allowed. not equivalent to being banned from credit, the decision is at the whim of the financial institution. Vipa works with financial organizations specializing in credit for banned banking.

Do not refund your credit for more than two monthly installments


Will necessarily require your registration with the National Bank in Belgium. The consequences can be unfortunate. We are at your disposal for any further information.Show at the National Bank in Belgium Did you know that: n Each credit subscribed must be registered with the Central Credit to individuals by your praetor organization. 

The Central Office for Personal Credit is tasked with combating over-indebtedness. If you fail to pay your premium for 3 consecutive months, Your lending organization has the legal obligation to terminate your credit or loan agreement with the National Bank in Belgium which will proceed to your registration. When you are registered with the National Bank in Belgium, your file reaches the litigation department of your lending agency that will try to find a solution with you to recover your money or by nature, will initiate legal proceedings that may lead to the recovery of the balance of credit unpaid on your property.

This may involve a seizure of your property and a public sale

This may involve a seizure of your property and a public sale

If your credit is not cleared, you remain registered with the National Bank in Belgium with the consequence that no credit organization (bank or broker) will be able to lend you any more money. You can not borrow anymore. Once you have settled your credit, the lending group has the legal constraint to ask the National Bank in Belgium to cancel your registration. n You will have to wait 15 months after delisting to be able to make a new loan or apply for a new loan. Being stuck is therefore a delicate situation. However the European People’s Credit can offer you solutions to get out of this embarrassing situation:

Credit agency for a person in charge of internal search for a credit organization for a person? But, do you already know how long this nature of payment will be registered at the National Bank in Belgium? Today, you can find a personal credit agency and, under certain conditions, benefit from the ability to borrow money again, despite your creation of an account at the National Bank in Belgium .

But are you still registered? How long do you appear there? As part of the normal course of a loan, your phone numbers are erased three months and 8 days after your last refund. once a payment incident occurs, they can be kept for up to 10 years. However, if regularization occurs, with an update of loan maturities, this period is often limited to a single year. To be more informed, all you have to do is contact the NBB during opening hours.

Banking institutions and credit institutions have the legal obligation

Banking institutions and credit institutions have the legal obligation

To register each of their credits with the National Bank in a file called the ‘central credits’. However, listing at the National Bank in Belgium is called ‘harmful’ when it occurs due to significant delays in one or more credit (s). These registrations are intended to protect the prospect against the risk of over-indebtedness.

A “harmful” listing among the list of offers still present at the National Bank in Belgium implies that it will, in general, no longer possible to obtain a new credit.If you are stuck at the National Bank in Belgium Any credit application made at Proxi Finances will be analyzed differently according to the following cases:

The credit has been regularized (that is to say, compensated): the registration is still a year (after the repayment date of the credit) from the credit center of the National Bank. However, in certain situations, Proxi Finances will be able to process the file and give it to its partners.

The credit has not been regularized (that is to say refunded) and you are OWNER: there are solutions of centralization credit with mortgage registration. In some cases, which depends mainly on the outstanding amount of outstanding credits and the existing value of your property, Proxi Finances can forward the file to its partners

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