We understand you because we know that everyone can one day be confronted with unforeseen events, illness, accident, consumption, restructuring, market change, separation, salary reduction, market that has changed, a child’s illness, no one is safe from bad luck.

We also know that it is often courageous to take the phone and call us, our advisers know it, understand the reasons for your difficulties, listen to you and take into account the specificities of your situation.

We have a positive and forward-looking approach

We have a positive and forward-looking approach

You are not alone in having problems of over-indebtedness, almost everyone has known in his life, we have solutions to help you leave in the best conditions, sometimes you have to know how to move back to better jump.

We have concrete solutions to propose to you and show you that, if you live a bad pass, it is only in the short term. Sometimes it’s best to erase the past and start on new ground to recreate the future, there’s no reason to sacrifice your potential and rebound ability.

Our first meeting is free and geared to your needs


Our first meeting is free, no obligation on your part, it lasts about 1 hour, you have nothing to lose, everything to gain. Nothing will be signed at the first meeting, it’s exploratory. We have nothing to sell, it is to inform you, you will be able to make your decision afterwards.

It’s confidential, if you do not tell anyone, nobody will know, we are the doctors of your finances.The distinction we have with others is the desire to adapt to you, to offer specific solutions, and to offer a human solution, centered on your needs.

Our meetings are structured to help you

Our meetings are structured to help you

Our consultants follow rigorous steps during meetings to offer you professionalism and human contact.

Listening and analyzing your needs


This is probably the most important phase. We believe that each client is different and that each case deserves the greatest listening.

We have a flexible meeting format to take stock of your general situation, your stress level, but also your financial situation to find technical solutions.

We will also ask you what are your objectives and your priorities in order to propose a suitable solution with which you will be comfortable.

Solutions adapted to you and in the long term

Solutions adapted to you and in the long term

We would like to propose solutions adapted to your objectives, your personality and that suit you in the long term. Our business model is based on the recommendations of satisfied customers, which has always been our strength.

Our role is to accompany you for a new start and give you the means to succeed. What is difficult at first becomes a relief afterwards.

What to do after going out of business

Our role is to help you make a fresh start and regain control of your life. Our goal is for this moment to be the last time in your life that you are having financial difficulties.

We offer two consultation sessions where we will discuss topics related to personal finance, credit, savings, consumption and other topics. Beyond these topics, we encourage you to develop other aspects of your life, such as learning to manage your time and priorities so you focus on the important thing rather than the accessory things that are not a priority in your life. . Another priority for you is to learn how to manage your stress in a difficult financial situation, stress can prevent you from thinking and seeing clearly.

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