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Know more about Artisans Workshop

Runescape is such a wonderful game and you can always have so much fun with it. If you want to buy safe Runescape Gold, just come to us! Lately they have updated the workshop, let's take a look at the new staff!

Burial Amour

The life of a dwarf is perilous: miners die in cave-ins all the time, warriors are statistically more likely to be smooshed by a troll than to make it to the end of their shift, and a smith's lungs are blacker than the coal they work with. It's not all doom and gloom, though, as when they die they will at least be buried in some spectacular artisan burial armour, that's where you come in.

Level 30+ smiths are deemed worthy to make this most holy of armours. With the choice of different types of armour (miner, warrior and smith) and different grades (iron and steel for F2P, plus mithril, adamant and rune for members), there are a variety of experience rates and costs for a smith to choose from. If you make armour in line with Suak's (the teacher) orders, you'll earn that little bit of extra experience.