How to Plan for a Vacation Loan

The most awaited moment of the year is vacations. It is the period of relaxation with family members, rest and getting out of the rut.

But without proper planning, this relaxing time can become a major headache. That is why, planning must be at all, especially when we talk about finances, after all setting priorities for your money means saving. after all.

Planning is essential to make your vacation enjoyable.

Without limiting your spending, you may end up affecting other areas of the journey, such as separate cash for contingencies and emergency situations, which ended up being spent unnecessarily.

So we’ve separated a few steps from how to plan your vacation:


Everything must be decided in advance

The main tip is to plan ahead. This works for all aspects included in your trip, such as transportation, tickets, clothing, hotels and so on.


Select a destination

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Air tickets, bus tickets and car rentals must be chosen in advance. In addition to that, many airlines offer up to 50% off at the time of purchase.

The sooner you plan, the better it will be to find affordable rates and benefits, too, many establishments offer discounts to those who prepay.


Set a good roadmap

Set a good roadmap

A roadmap is how to plan where you will spend your money, so take into account your travel priorities, such as comfort, nightlife, proximity to some tourist spot, space or tranquility.

Similarly, set a budget, such as spending on passage, fuel, parking, tickets for tours, food, shopping and emergencies. For the same reason, it is important to emphasize that the destination is in accordance with the available budget.

Stay tuned for coupons and deals available on the internet, as well as free attractions in the area.

Defining a travel itinerary can be a good strategy to control your budget.


Control your expenses


Stipulate a maximum amount to be spent. To do this, know the average prices of meals, tours, transportation and other possible expenses. After that, set a spending limit per day, so the money is controlled and you can prioritize what you want to buy on your trip.

Avoid making the most of your credit card because you must keep your trip with only your income and within the planned. That way, you do not come back with debts in the suitcase and do not get tight at the end of the month.


Shop the internet

Shop the internet

It is preferable to always compare prices over the internet, including all the holiday items like sunglasses, bikinis and various accessories that can be found cheaper on online sites. Also, do not forget to check the delivery time.

You can save money at various points along your journey, from tickets to restaurants, just organize yourself and plan your trip!

Also, do not forget to get rid of year-end expenses, such as IPVA, IPTU and school tuition, so you can enjoy your vacations peacefully!

Do you use any method of organizing during your vacation? How is your planning? Tell us in the comments!

Borrowing money with a temporary contract

It is a memory from a long time ago: about halfway through my primary school days, the whole school gathered to say goodbye to the director who retired.

He had been working at my school for forty years. From teacher, in the lower years he had worked his way up to director. That last day the whole school waved him goodbye as he cycled towards his retirement on a brand new bike.

Changes in the labor market

Changes in the labor market

For a child it sounds like an eternity and still forty years is half a human life. But forty years of being employed by the same employer is no longer an issue in the current labor market.

The labor market has changed. Young people have difficulty finding a job and older people take the blows when it comes to spending cuts.

Loan for home or car

Loan for home or car

A major change is that there are more and more people with a temporary contract. That means less certainty and not just with regard to work. The wishes of most people do not change.

People who live from temporary contracts to temporary contracts also want to buy a house or take out a loan for a new car, for example. But borrowing with a temporary contract was always a lot harder than borrowing with a permanent contract.

Borrow with a temporary contract

Borrow with a temporary contract

Fortunately, lenders are aware of changes in the labor market. Since September 1, it is, therefore, easier to borrow money with a temporary contract. With the launch of Good Finance, lender Good Finance offers people with a temporary contract more options for taking out a loan or credit.

Until now, borrowing money with a temporary contract was difficult because not all of the income was taken into account. Good Finance does it differently now.

The changes for borrowing with a temporary contract

The changes for borrowing with a temporary contract

  • From now on, with a six-month contract, 70% of your income will be taken into account when advising your loan application. That was 50% until recently.
  • Also for people with a temporary employee contract Phase B, 70% of the income is included. Previously, Good Finance did not include any income from a Phase B temporary worker for a loan.
  • Do you have a temporary contract, are you older than 30 and do you have a house to buy? In that case, your income will be fully taken into account when you apply for a loan.

More possible with borrowing money from Good Finance

More possible with borrowing money from Good Finance

These changes make it a lot easier to apply for a loan or credit with a temporary employment contract. Submitting this application to the Dutch Credit Company is particularly interesting because the Dutch Credit Company is a Premium partner of Good Finance.

That means that you are eligible for extra attractive interest! Forty years with the same boss may no longer be the case, but in this way a loan remains a real possibility for more people!